The other side of the NHS crisis.

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We watch in horror as the NHS crisis unfolds. I have worked for the NHS for most of my adult life and this saddens me. Yet we have to have the courage to look beyond that which is immediate and easy. It is so simple to blame the government ,the doctors, the nurses for all these huge problems, yet maybe we need to look at the other side. Why are so many people GOING to hospital in the first place? What is wrong? The vast majority of people don’t go to hospital when they have flu, we have always had flu out breaks. Usually we go to hospital only when we think our lives are threatened if we don’t. This is how it should  be. If, this were in fact the case ,the NHS would not be in crisis.

Now, however, people go to A.E> at the slightest whimper of sickness. Why is this? Why have people become so dependent? It is partly abdication of responsibility. People do not understand that we are all responsible for our own health and well being.The state is not responsible for OUR life choices. We are.When I had open heart surgery in 2012, I went home to my daughter to recover. This was considered the norm . I was her mother and she wanted to care for me because I was sick. Where are these children of the old, the elderly, the infirm? You may reply that they are too busy working to look after them but my daughter worked full time in a very demanding job yet she did not expect the state to take care of me. Why is it that the state is expected to care for everyone young or old?

It is clear that something fundamental has gone wrong in society as a whole. We have lost that sense of ‘caring’ for one another in good times and in bad. We have become an indifferent society, a society without compassion, without the fundamental desire to help one another and to ‘love’ one another. It is not the job of the state to care: it is the job of the individual human being, the mother, the child, the grandmother, the grandfather to care for the sick and vulnerable. The homeless wander around uncared for, unfed, unwanted, cold, lonely and afraid.This is considered acceptable, because it is the duty of the state to care that is what it is for. This is not what the state is for, it is the individual human being that is supposed to show compassion and love for these unfortunate individuals- yet we don’t CARE at all. This is the problem.


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