We are thrown once more into crisis. The winter demands on the NHS grown and deepen with every year that passes. I spent most of my working life as nurse therapist working for this organisation either in General or psychiatric domains. The NHS has saved my life, I had open heart surgery in 2012.

It remains a tragedy of monumental proportions that our society can not make up it’s mind what it wants the NHS to do.How much money are we as a society prepared to pay for this valuable national treasure. Do we want it to disappear without trace as it could so easily do? Can we imagine life without it? Let us all just for a moment envisage life without it. What do we see,  what do we imagine will  replace it? What will replace it if anything. It is time we take this problem on board, it is not someone else’s problem it is our very own problem ONLY OUR SOCIETY can fix it and run with it.

Debate is called for here, a national debate to decide first and foremost what we want the NHS to do. What is it for? Are there limits as to what we can reasonably expect from it? Secondly, we have to decide  how much we are prepared to pay for it? Thirdly how are we going to pay? Should there be a separate tax for the health service or should the basic rate of Income tax be raised to pay for. Should those who earn more than a certain amount be barred from it as they can afford private medical care. Should all medical conditions be covered by the NHS. What about cosmetic surgery  should the NHS have to provide that for instance. What about drug and alcohol abuse?

All These questions can only be answered by National Debate- so lets get on with it before another winter horror unleashes itself.soutine_051314_820px




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