Alcohol dumps in cities.

The idea is that drunken people will be looked after in ‘ waste bins’ to prevent them going to A.E. departments. This Is a superb idea, a place where those drink themselves into oblivion can go to sober up. There are comfortable beds, vomit bowls and showers for those who need to use these facilities.  It  would  seem appropriate for those who are persistent visitors to these places to be ‘ helped’ if that is indeed the correct word.soutine17a     Rehabilitation and access to supportive networks is the way forward . It is always the way forward. There is value in having cameras installed  so that users   of these facilities be shown on camera so that they are able to engage with themselves and to see the result of their drinking and the horror of it. These individuals are all of us if we allow it be so, they are not foreign or alien from any one us. It is appropriate, wise and just to engage and to understand the chaos that the alcoholic endures and the misery that is inflicted upon the family and all those who love them. The world for them  is as disproportionate and chaotic as the one depicted above by the painter Soutine.soutine_051314_820pxArt is the single most valuable medium for entering into the world of the alcohol fuelled individual. Alcohol is misunderstood by society in general and particularly by the government. It is a drug. It is as dangerous and addictive as any other drug but because it is socially acceptable it is not feared. This is the real problem, within  society, there is no fear of this substance. We have got to the point where it is socially acceptable for a thirty year old woman to have a liver transplant costing the NHS. approximately £50,000.

This acceptance has to change. What if anything can change behaviour? In Scotland the price of alcohol is to be increased. Will this change the overall perception of alcohol, no it is unlikely to do so I fear. Yet monitoring these alcohol bins just might change behaviour and save the lives of countless young people and their suffering families.

I am the daughter of an alcoholic woman who killed herself when I was twelve. I have spent most of my professional life attempting to prevent the catastrophe that happened to me from happening to others.It is time that alcohol was given the same abhorrence as cigarette smoking.0ac43b4e1928d16d59ec98e2d586a35a


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