Vince Cable.

Having listened to Vince Cable’s speech at the Liberal Democratic conference, I realise that he is the only politician in this country that I could support. I have been a liberal all my life, I come from a liberal family. My grandfather used to follow Lloyd George around the country just to listen to him speak and to hear the power of his oratory.

Vince spoke with sincerity, and a quiet dignity. I have always admired this man mainly for his economic acumen but also for his genuine  and apparent compassion to all  society- to both the young and the old the sick the weak the vulnerable. Here at last is a man I can be proud to follow, a political leader who, instinctively, I would trust with my life.

I have worked in the national  health service for forty years  and it has absorbed my energy, my passion and my determination to make this country a better, kinder place. It breaks my heart to see what it has become in recent years under Tory rule. I am no longer proud to be British as I once was, no I am ashamed of where we are and what and who we are. It is sad. The austerity cuts have driven a wedge into our humanity. Much of my career was spent with the mentally sick. I worked with the homeless in cardboard city and in some of the most deprived estates in London. What always moved me was the basic humanity of these people, their ability to love and care for one another. The less they had the more it seemed to me, they loved. They loved one another they cared for one another: frequently their genuine compassion moved me to tears. Now that I am retired I miss those magic moments, I miss defending them, I miss loving them.

Politics, until the arrival of Vince Cable, as leader of the Lib Dems seemed an alien environment filled with ‘creatures’ that lived in their own worlds. Separate, always and for ever from the needs of the ‘ordinary’. This was nowhere more apparent than in the aftermath of the disaster of ‘Grenville Tower’. As Vince so rightly said the poor are not listened too- it seems as if the absence of money equates to the absence of intellect and intelligence. I was truly ashamed to watch my Prime Minister Theresa May actively avoid the victims of that horrific incident:  to be unable to approach these people: to shake their hands;soutine_051314_820px to demonstrate even a modicum of compassion. I do not want to be governed by these people. I want to be governed by a real human being like Vince Cable.

Thank you Vince for existing and for caring. You gave a great speech, you are a great man.

Mollie Lord.B.A. RGN/RMN. Dip;University of London. Cert;philosophy of the Body(University of Lampeter).


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