We stare into the void and we ask ourselves ‘How can this be?’ All this loss and all this tragedy. We fall out with friends and with those we love and miss. It is the abyss and there are moments of desperation and that is when it happens and we wonder how   it can be thus.Yet this is how it is and the lonliness eventually destroys the lonely and the lost until there is no reason to continue. Yet there are those who love us dearly they want our continued existence and we try to make out the patterns that exist inside their heads so that we can go and investigate the level of pain that our departure from this world might cause. We don’t want to leave piles  of agony and so we go on through every lonely day- ALONE. There is pointless interaction with others, there is gazing at swans and water, and rivers and mountains and streams. We look at the disabled and know how lucky we are to be healthy, we are lucky to possess sight and hearing and yet we..possess nothing.

We absorb ourselves in the political antics of the day and we pretend it matters, we engage in the emotions of the famous because we have none of our own. We borrow everything from others, their triumphs their disasters and their pain. We read novels, we grab the loves and hates of the characters  therein.Yet those we love and relate to are no more dead and gone. We are not missed by those that have gone, yet we miss them all the time.


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