The chaos that is Brexit requires a rainbow coalition of all the parties to produce order out of chaos. This country stands on the edge of  disaster as has not been seen since the second world war. It needs the greatest intellects to come together to create the best deal. Why on earth has May sent David Davis and Liam Fox for this vital task? Is this really the best brains she has to count on in this time of crisis. Well god help us all if that is indeed the case.Where is Oliver Letwin at this time when his brain is so desperately required?

The complexity of unravelling  the ties that bind us  to Europe  is beyond the imagination of most minds and it is sad that mediocrity is all we can manage to send to Brussels. They are not bad men, Davis and Fox but they are the epitome of insignificance  they are an embarrassment. We require someone touched with the fire of genius if we are to dig ourselves out of this bloody hole. Time ticks by and nothing shifts, we sense that we are facing imminent annihilation at least on the economic front and probably on many others as well but we just don’t have the talent-or do we?


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