‘ This is a a story combining the struggles within a family under pressure and an institution under huge  financial pressure. Liasons ignite, tangle and fade.Addiction, psychological trauma and introspection abound in this examination of relationships and the psyche.

Excitement, fear, frustration, guilt enter and leave  like a complex choreographed dance. This is powerful and we wonder how it will end ; in despair, happiness or death.’

C.M. Byatt. Consultant physician.

‘This novel was both gripping and topical, whilst the book is a page turner,it shines a light on families faced with the horror of addiction in their midst.It captures perfectly both the despair and destruction caused to individuals, but also to families as complete units, alongside the hopelessness of an illness for which there is little or no hope available.

This is a beautifully written account of having an alcoholic in the family. Mollie Bach traces the tangled web within a family with compassion and warmth. the opening of the story is in southern France, in the sun drenched home of the artist. the parallels Bach draws between the heroine’s despair and that of Van Gogh show a deep understanding of the relationship between the creativity and suffering.

Jenny Jones. psychoanalytical psychotherapist.

author, alcoholism, murder,l matricde. Van Gogh
Image drawn by Charlotte Dyne Steel.

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