There are human beings there are alcoholics.

In my novel I ask the question what is an alcoholic? Do some people deserve to be murdered. What is justice? What is right?What makes a victim. Who is the victim here?Reviews for my Novel PARADISE LOST.

‘ A story combining the struggles within people under pressure and the struggles of an institution under financial pressure. Liasons ignite tangle and fade.Addiction psychological trauma, and introspection abound in this examination of relationships and the psyche. Excitement, fear,frustration, excitement enter and leave as in a carefully choreographed dance.

Byatt. Consultant Physician.

This novel was both gripping,powerful and topical. Whilst the book is a page turner it shines a light on families faced with the horror of alcohol addiction in their midst.It captures perfectly the despair and destruction caused to individuals, but also to families viewed as whole and complete units.The hopeless desire to help, when there is little help available.

Rook. Analytical psychotherapist.



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