The effect that mourning had on the personality of the mother brought them to ideas centred on the child. Geoffrey knew that John had read the thesis by Edward Emery a psychoanalyst who had written  on’ The Ghost Of The mother’. This paper examined the mourning of a mother for a young child and how adversely it affects the personality of the mother.

This avid discourse led into ideas relating to the seed of the personality and the realisation that there can be no fairground freak or dislocated personality that has not lain, at some  time within the womb of a beloved mother and that is both our genetic make-up and our actions that reveal who we are ;wonderful or otherwise.Eventually they concluded that to handle the human personality is to handle that which is both unknown and unpredictable.

Morning came and it lead to a deeper wondering. There was some aspect of this darkness that was drawing him ever closer. Why he wondered had he   failed to spot it when he was abroad.He considered the possibility of some psychotic breakdown or even a bipolar catastrophe.


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