The centre of every novel is that aspect of the novel that throws a profound insight about life. It is that of the novel which is universal. When we write we move instinctively from one perspective to another from one insight to another, but we hold the centre. What ever the centre maybe we hold to it and return to it every time we write.This  we attempt to convey to the reader.In my novel ‘Paradise Lost’ the centre is a  murder and the consequences ie. guilt  and once again we ask to whom does this guilt rightfully belong, the father or the daughter.Where is this guilt and who should hold it.Every character in the novel has been placed there as signpost to the centre and some indeed may hold the secret to this centre.The core of the story is that which lends insight and breadth to the central theme. We are examining an insight as surely as botanist examines a plant under the strongest microscope available until he finds some knowledge of the plant or the species that he has not known before.

A novel can also be seen as a microscope.


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