To read a novel is to enter a world that is separate from one’s own. This is the reason I love to read. It is akin to dreaming ; to dream is to think ,yet in another dimension altogether.

We cannot dismiss a dream ,a dream has it’s own life.It travels across territory that is unimaginable in the ‘ other world,’ the waking world. It has no rules ,no dimensions, and no altered perspectives. It is not as my ego demands or wants it to be: it just is.It therefore has a terrifying honesty, for it has no brakes, no inhibitions and  no pathways that are hidden. It is unafraid.A dream is like the sun emerging from the clouds of delusion and paranoia. When I devoured novels in  my youth , I felt a breathtaking freedom. These things called books could take me away from unbearable grief and pain . They could place me somewhere else entirely, in another place, in another landscape, in another time.

When we read we look at the world through someone else’s eyes altogether. We gaze at the world, and all it contains from an entirely different perspective and that is essential for us as human beings. We need to look at life differently, broaden our horizons, nothing does this better and more purely than the written word.

This is what I found when I wrote ‘Paradise lost’. I am not a murderer yet I became one. I thought as a murderer thinks, I experienced the grief of depriving another being of life. Only Judith could unlock that world for me.I entered and became that lonely creature.If we look at any novel through the eyes of it’s characters it becomes more real. it is the nature of their world which fascinates us, we enter the way they see feel and engage with the world in which they live and dance and breath.

For me, character is the defining attribute of any novel. It is not what they do but why they do it that engages me.


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