Dreaming and Thinking

unnamed (2)
Images of the self. How different images can present a face or a perception.

It is when I dream that I am at the height of my creative powers. It is at this time that I loose all inhibitions and manage to fly. When i enter the dreaming matrix the my dreams conform to thought, it is an ever changing dynamic. How can we use our dreams and think about them.

There is always the fear of amnesia and the idea that if we loose our dreams to the unconscious, the vast and formless void awaits us. If we cannot make it we may slip like Orpheus into the under world from which we may not return.

It maybe that as Freud located the latent underworld  in the individual’s unconscious,perhaps the latent content of  social dreaming lies in the world outside ourselves in the world beyond. (John Clare, Dreaming the Future, page 37)

The dreams may serve as signposts , symptoms omens or even clues to dangers that exist beyond ourselves in the world beyond.

Frequently it maybe found that the matrix prevails as an antidote to post modernism and to that artificiality and consumerism that we have all seen and many despair of.The dreaming process itself maybe could be that which counters a deadening of the self. (John Clare, Dreaming the Future)

This is acceptance. In my novel ‘ Paradise Lost,’ dreaming is  used as a tool to access the inner world of the murderer. The dreams manifest themselves as a way of exploration of the inner psyche. This is the place where many would prefer not to go, Guilt, however or any extreme emotional experience throws us into the dark reservoir of the mind. We enter that which Jung would call the shadow. We enter and dance with whatever arrives in our lives. We are able to abandon the respectable and the mundane. we travel to another dimension once we arrive it is hard to leave.This is where true creativity is to found and discovering it is exactly what happens to my heroine Judith. Murder takes her into the caverns of  guilt and loss of self.


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