Van Gogh Self Portrait


One thought on “Van Gogh Self Portrait

  1. I adore this video that maybe because van Gogh was one of the main inspirations for my novel. He is one of the inspirations for my life and work. He inspires my writing, I want to be able to write as he paints with that immediacy and that passion that only is found in his work. I know what a special being he is, I see it and then after the seeing is the feeling. I feel what it is like to be a sunflower or an olive tree, Van Gogh has given that to me. It is a kind of terrible purity, the purity of being,of existence. The intensity of sunlight, the earthiness of ‘ The potato eaters’.I look at that painting and experience the people as elements of the earth. In Van Gogh’s hands they are the earth and we can understand the unity. Peasants are earth: made manifest in man.We feel that also in the writings of Tolstoy.


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