The mourning mother syndrome(excerpt from Paradise Lost)by Mollie Bach.

John told his friend of his holiday he’d taken in Provence and the interest he’d developed in the painter Vincent Van Gogh. They discussed Emery and the paper he’d written on the mourning mother syndrome entitled’ The ghost of the Mother’.

This conversation led into ideas relating to the very seed of personality and the realisation that there was  no fairground freak or dislocated personality that had not lain, at some time, in the womb of a loving mother and that is both our genetic makeup and our actions that reveal this personality, whether wonderful or otherwise.

They concluded that handling the human personality was akin to handling that which is both unknown and unpredictable.

Morning brought a deeper wondering, he wanted to explore that which had become a mystery.There was fascination here. What horror he wondered had entered  into this woman’s mind.A gradual realisation dawned,something or someone had poisoned this woman’s soul- but who or what could it be.